I don't like writing biography sections for blogs but I do like perusing the interwebs for inspirational art, tech, architecture, and from time to time, epic mustache paraphernalia. I have a handlebar mustache and a French Bulldog named Bowser. Have a gander, and if you feel so inclined send some folks to do the same.
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This is worth 30 minutes of your day.  Especially if you like documentaries and cars. Urban Outlaw.

"Little Kaiju"

Short animation worth a watch.

(via likecool)

TimeScapes.  You’ll probably want to be outside rather than on your computer after watching this.

(via gizmodo)

Watch this for 3 minutes.  You won’t regret it.

Slow motion water… so sweet.

(via likecool and @seaquad)

This is the most amazing time-lapse you have ever seen! Make sure to watch full screen… all of a sudden I don’t want to be inside.

By Dustin Farrell

(via gizmodo)

Video mapping onto a building during the 100 years anniversary of the Liver Building in Liverpool.

(via likecool)

City of Angeles at night.

Awesome commercial.

Sweet slow motion!

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