I don't like writing biography sections for blogs but I do like perusing the interwebs for inspirational art, tech, tattoos, and from time to time, epic mustache paraphernalia. I have a handlebar mustache and a French Bulldog named Bowser. Have a gander, and if you feel so inclined send some folks to do the same.

#coachella day 1 (at Coachella Music Festival)

#coachella ready

Mini snowman in Big Bear ⛄️❄️ (at Snow Summit Mountain Resort)

Venice beach yesterday. (at Venice Beach Skate Park)

Incredible mesh wire portraits by Seung Mo Park

A couple angles of another lamp side table I finished today.

Bowser likes yogurt.

I built this end table a few years ago but spent the weekend building a lamp into it.

Deep sleeper

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